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1.Sustainable development:


Based on the principle of environmental protection and sustainable development of The Group, our production process is optimized for energy and resource efficiency, recovery and material utilization. Our company has passed ISO14001 seriously, will continue to fulfill environmental protection obligations, reduce the negative impact on the environment, help improve the overall environmental quality

Environmental Policy Overview

The company is committed to providing products and services that help create a safe and healthy workplace, with strict standards that minimise its impact on the environment. Our environmental protection policy applies to all organizations belonging to The Group.

Ensuring that the company's operations meet or exceed all relevant environmental regulatory standards

-- Give priority to environmental issues and conduct environmental impact assessments before making any decisions or actions

-- Training staff to enhance environmental awareness and encourage active compliance with environmental policies

- Reducing production waste, maximize the use of resources (water, electricity, etc.), and promote waste reuse

- Establishing and maintaining environmental management systems, continuously pursuing progress, regularly updating environmental policies, etc

Conflict Minerals Declaration

We undertake not to apply metallic minerals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co) and tin (Sn) from mines in areas of conflict controlled by non-governmental consignees or non-military factions in the Democratic Republic

JWCO will do due diligence on the source of the metal to be used and the supplier must support Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) to organise the action and complete the CMRT report investigation

2.Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Service
Volunteer spirit has always been an important part of JWCO group culture. The company is mindful of the needs of the community and encourages its employees to volunteer in the community
Charity Fund
The company has set up a charitable foundation. Part of the company's operating profits will be used to help poor students, the disabled and the elderly.
Charitable Donations
JWCO has contributed to the public education system, and has built cultural centers and auditories for students in poor mountainous areas


Training and Development Opportunities
By establishing a good working environment, JWCO group employees can develop their careers. JWCO Group offers a variety of training courses and opportunities,for its employees, to study abroad

Housing Program and Employee Activity center
JWCO Group values its employees and their job satisfaction. The company has invested more than 10 million RMB, on living facilities, including parks, table tennis rooms, basketball courts, swimming pools, yoga centers, etc

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